Automatic Incubators With Egg Candler


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 This Automatic Incubators With Egg Candler automatically flips the eggs; Equipped with a clear digital temperature display; Four water sinks, which effectively adjust the humidity; Its small size, you can place it at will. The chicken egg hatching machine’s heating plate is completely enclose, without annoying wire attachment, easy to clean and durable. Styrofoam with visible window, without interfering with the operation of the machine so that it can be used for extra insulation and stable culture temperature.

Poultry egg hatcher with large-area heating wire tray and built-in turbo fan, fan auxiliary airflow, circulating air, heat is evenly distributed. Built-in LED candle of the incubator, easily check the hatching of bird’s eggs. The LED button can also activate Turner. Press and hold the LED button for 3 seconds to start Turner work.


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