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Blue Hyacinth Macaw Parrot

Macaw for sale, the largest parrots and vividly colored birds from Mexico, Central, and South America. They have a long tail, strong body, and large powerful beak. Macaws are intelligent, playful, and inquisitive. They require plenty of affection and attention and sometimes bond only with one person. Macaws are able to speak but are not well known for this ability. Their vocalizations tend to be loud, harsh, penetrating squawks.  The Blue and Gold Macaw is mischievous, but likely the most appropriate macaw for a family. The Severe Macaw is almost half the size and more gentle.


Breed: Blue Hyacinth Macaw
Age: 5 to 9 Months
Sex: Male and Female
Size: Medium
Color: Blue and Gold
House Trained: Yes (Hand raised with potty training)
Health: Recently Vaccinated

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