Macaw ParrotsCute Pair Harlequin Macaw Parrots



COMMON NAME: Harlequin macaw

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Hybrid Ara chloropterus x Ara ararauna

ADULT SIZE: 35 and 40 inches long, weighing 2 to 3 1/2 pounds

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 50 years, some may reach up to 80


 Cute Pair Harlequin Macaw Parrots is a beautiful, popular mongrel pantomimist that makes an excellent pet for the right person. Macaws are indigent catcalls, taking educated or devoted pantomimist instructors. This full- sized macaw tends to do well with families; these catcalls thrive on socialization and a lot of commerce with other catcalls or people. They’re good jabberers, friendly, and have rather entertaining personalities.


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