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Buy Pair Hahns Macaw Parrots, also known as the Brazilian red- and-green macaw, is a large pantomimist set up in the timbers of Brazil. Grown-ups generally measure about 30 elevation from beak to tail and weigh around2.5 pounds. The plumage of Hahn’s macaws is primarily green, with red accentuations on the bodies, tail, and head. These striking catcalls are also known for their loud, treble calls, which can frequently be heard echoing through the timbers where they live. In the wild, Hahn’s macaws generally live in dyads or small flocks and feed on a diet of fruit, nuts, and seeds. While they aren’t presently list as risk, their figures have been declining in recent times due to niche loss and illegal trapping for the pet trade. With proper conservation sweats, still, it’s hope that these beautiful catcalls will continue to thrive in their natural niche for numerous times to come.


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